First email:

When you are writing out the first email for Laura there are a few things that Laura will act upon:

  1. Date and time that you send her is when Laura will try to book the meeting for you

  2. If you don't want Laura to create a meeting for you and the guest but want her to follow up for you at a later date write in your sentence "Follow up" and you can specify when is best for you to follow up


"Hi Bob,

Thanks for that information! I added Laura my assistant to book a meeting for us next week" (Laura will book a meeting for you next week)

"Hi Bob,

Yes could be better to discuss at a later time, Laura please follow up with Bob in a month and we'll take it from there" (Laura will follow up with Bob in a month)

Next emails:

After the first email is sent to Laura there are many more options you can request from Laura.

For example:

When works best for your availability
"Please add to the meeting"

"Follow up with me next week"

"Can we do GoToMeeting instead?" (Or any other video conferencing platform)

"Can we meet in person?"

"Can we reschedule for next week?"

And thousands of more examples!

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