Make sure to use the Zoom account that has the same email as you are using with your Meetz Ai account.

Click on the ‘Integrate’ orange button in order to connect your Zoom account to either on this page or on . Then select whether that is your default preferred meeting.

Your Zoom credentials will be used when creating meetings, removing meetings, or changing meetings according to your request. Once you initiate a meeting and you selected Zoom as your default meeting option, Laura will schedule a Zoom meeting with your guests. We view and manage your meetings in order to send out a unique link to your guests and access your Zoom user information in order to create the Zoom meeting with your credentials.

Even if it’s not your default meeting it is better to integrate in order to have that link available in case a guest requests to have a Zoom meeting.

Uninstall the integration:
If you want to deauthorize your Zoom account credentials from Meetz or change your credentials go to the integration page ( click on Zoom then on the top right corner click on ‘Disconnect’ this will remove connection to your Zoom account.

If Laura is asking you for the link in the email flow when Zoom is your default meeting this means that the integration is not complete. In this case try to integrate once more by following the above instructions. If this does not help send and we will help troubleshoot.
If you are unable to join Zoom meetings make sure you are trying to login by using the correct Email that you set up in Meetz and integrated it with Zoom.

How do I add Zoom mid-meeting flow? Either send you link to Laura to use it for this one time. In order for Laura not to request your Zoom link each time it's better to integrate via the platform and we will automatically generate that link for you. I want to change to a different Zoom account with the same Meetz account, how should I go about this? Follow the above uninstall instruction and then reconnect your Zoom by going through the Installation steps again, contact our support if you have any issues with this.
Contact for any other questions and we will get back to you within at the most 24 hours.

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